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Life Unlock(down): An Online True Life Experience

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Uplift Cares held its first ever online True Life Retreat (Batch 1) – Life Unlock(down) last November 26-27, 2020 via Zoom. Done in partnership with CCF Elevate, the retreat was participated by 72 out-of-school individuals under the organization's Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program. The participants were from different parts of the Philippines and even international. We thank the Lord for touching the lives of these people. With God, our lives are not on lock down. Truly, it’s a life unlocked!

Here are some testimonies from one of our Instructional mentors and highlights from our scholar participants:

Jeff, Online ALS Instructional Mentor

Online ALS True Life Retreat Zoom Host

I wondered how we can conduct a True-Life Retreat in this time of a pandemic. I was doubtful if the online experience could be the same as an onsite one. Last November, after a month of planning and praying, the Uplift Cares Alternative Learning System conducted an Online True-Life Retreat / Webinar participated by 72 out-of-school individuals. I was very excited, but also hesitant at first. This was something new, with it came limitations but also possibilities if we are able to pull this off.

The first day was a success, it was quite an adjustment but by God’s grace, it was manageable. On the second day, I decided to enter one breakout room and listened to one of the participant's / learner's sharing. She was crying while sharing how blessed she was being a part of the Uplift Online ALS program and also the True Life Retreat. She shared how she was moved and blessed by God's message of love and hope. As I visited and observed other breakout rooms, I saw in the learners' eyes that they are really eager to know about God. They are listening well and participating in the discussion. I was amazed. Truly, with God, nothing is impossible.

One thing I realized after the True Life - God is limitless. Even in the midst of pandemic, He is still working in the lives of many people. He is continuously at work in reaching out to more people into His salvation by any means necessary. Unlike businesses and people, God's work cannot be quarantined. God still works in the hearts of the people who need to hear the Gospel message and get to know our Greatest Hope – Jesus.

Highlights from our out-of-school participants

"No time wasted. [It was] very informative about life and Jesus"

"I attended with a mindset that it is a requirement. I didn't know I would meet Jesus and discover His unconditional love and forgiveness for all my transgressions.”

"Thank you, Uplift Cares, for opening another door to my life. The door leading me to Jesus."

"I learned that good works will not save me. I am saved by putting my faith in Jesus and my good works follow."

"I am created for a purpose. To glorify God, and make others know Him.”


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