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Uplift Beneficiaries Share Experiences, Lessons From IDC 2024

Our participating beneficiaries experienced blessings of gaining real-life insights on being known by love in their discipleship journeys, during Intentional Discipleship Conference (IDC) 2024. Held at the CCF Center from January 25 to 27, this event also equipped them with wisdom that boosted their potentials as servant-leaders through plenaries, workshops, and praise and worship segments.


A total of 10 parent beneficiaries, along with 16 scholars, attended the conference and listened to the speakers’ valuable messages. After the event, they heartily wrote their reflections revealing their thoughts about their experiences and learnings from the event.


Uplift Scholars’ Stories


For first year college student Pollyn Joicelle Ibañez, the conference has deeply changed her life, as she met her fellow believers and reflected on her spiritual journey.


“During the first day of worship, I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I was shocked because ‘Reliably True’ by Elevate Exalt was played during our worship. God knows that it is my favorite worship song. I felt that God called me to go back in His presence. I cried my heart out to Him as I surrendered my life to Him again,” she said.


Ibañez went struck as apologetics professor Dr. Sean McDowell asked a question about whether people turn to the church when they are hurt. She also came inspired as she encountered leadership mentor Rev. Edmund Chan’s encouragement that we believers must align our lives in the Word of God, and be grateful for His grace. Regarding company executive Jack Hollis’ message, she reflected that we must model whom we believe in: Jesus.


“We should represent Jesus wherever we go. We are the body of Christ. If we move as one, nothing can stop us. We should have the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control,” she said.


In thriving amidst today’s “cancel culture,” Ibañez emphasized that we must live in a way that draws non-believers to God, and speak the truth in love.


Ma. Milagros Abadinas, a second year college student, reflected on how she can be known by love in her interactions with various people. She shared that the event helped her discover more about whom we work for – Jesus.


Abadinas shared that during McDowell’s first plenary session, she learned that Jesus built relationships with people who were in need of a cure.


“The message was clear, there are no really righteous, we are all people who need a cure which we found in Jesus. And we are called to go outside the comfort zone, to dine with sinners, and be… known by love,” Abadinas said.


The seventh plenary session, titled as “The Command to Love” and delivered by Chan, deeply moved Abadinas about the realities of God’s love for us.


“God loves us so much that He wants the best for us, and that best is us abiding and keeping His commandments with joy. And we are called to embrace that by being known by love,” Abadinas said.


Third year college student Allonica Bombita expressed her desire to be known by the love of Jesus, along with improving in the various aspects of her life.


“I also realized that even how difficult people are, if they have different perspectives from us, or don’t like us, we still need to show love, care and respect to them. Just as Jesus offered His love for us when we were still sinners, we are also to love people,” Bombita said. Rev. Paul Jeyachandran, who serves as director of a Christian church, tackled loving difficult people at the event’s sixth plenary session.


For Bombita, we believers need to anchor our life desires in God’s Word.


“If we truly know God, have a relationship with Him, and read His Word, we will have the right heart and right choices in life. There will be transformation of our lives. That even when people are offended by us, hurt us and will leave scars in our heart, we still need to love them radically,” Bombita added.


Gemmalyn Cubay, presently in fourth year college, expressed her utmost fulfillment in attending the three-day event, opening up that she at first declined an invitation for her to join. Among her key takeaways was that the family must be our first ministry.


“For me to grow more in the love of Christ, I have to spend more time in His presence and to always or regularly meditate in God’s Word than I have ever been last year. Only after then will I be able to experience God more, know Him more, and share about Him more effectively with the people He has brought to me,” she added.


Parent beneficiaries’ insights


Meanwhile, Gloria Borja, a parent, cherished the importance of learning to forgive and treating well even those who do not interact with kindness.


“I want to spread the love of God and the Gospel to my daughter, my sister, and my niece. I want to grow more for the love of God, [in ways] like spreading the Good News to my neighbor, loving my family, and reading the Bible every day,” Borja added.


Borja also opened up that now as a follower of Jesus, she will be more lovable, patient, and communicating with her fellow family members.


Divine Bernil picked up about the three passions: for God, for excellence, and for God’s truth, which can further equip her in being known by love.


“Ako po noon ay simpleng tao lang. Ngayon na tanggap ko na si God, naging makulay na ang buhay ko... Natutunan ko sa tatlong araw ng IDC ang pagmamahal sa kapwa at kay God, at ang pagpapatawad. And we obey God,” Bernil said.


Annaliza Cubay similarly resonated with Pastor Peter Tan-Chi’s message about cultivating passion for God.


“Bagamat mahirap makasunod sa Kanyang command, pinipilit ko pong magkaroon ng temper at maging humble na tao. At huwag mahihiyang ipahayag ang kabutihang nagawa ni Lord God sa ating buhay at maging humble palagi sa ating kapwa,” Cubay said.


During the lunch break on the third day of the conference, the beneficiaries participated in a processing activity at the Uplift office lobby, where they shared with their small groups about their realizations.


You are invited to give your support for our beneficiaries in CCF’s future events! For more details, you may visit our Sunday booth at the 2/F lobby of the CCF Center, or send us a private message on our official Facebook page:


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